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Premium Resume Witing commits to helping you with your resume writing and other additional services to land you the perfect job. Before we begin working on your order, we’d require you to provide us with your personal information including your full name, contact details, and other necessary info. We assure you that we understand and respect your confidentiality and never share any of your information with any third party.

By accepting our below privacy policy, you allow us to collect and use your private data for online transactions and content-related purposes. In case you disagree, do not access our website, the browser captures the domain name, ID along with the IP address without your consent.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

  • You have to sign a contractual agreement after you have signed up on our site.
  • The purpose of this agreement is to affirm you about data privacy. Your personal information including credit card details, private details, and career objectives would be secure with us.
  • You give your consent to our online support team to use your email address or mobile number to contact you in required situations. Our team may also share some promotional messages to keep you up to date about our services.
  • We ensure to never use your particulars outside the work sphere which is why it is always secured with us.
  • This agreement serves as a convention for the above-stated policies.

Collection of Information

Upon browsing, the website automatically records some of your data which doesn’t in any way identify you as an individual. To state briefly, the following are the details we gather to make your personalized resume.

1. Personal Information

When you sign up, you voluntarily provide us with your details including full name, complete address, email ID, and bank details along with other personal and private data. Considering all this information to be true, we send newsletters on your email address. We do not contact you unless you subscribe our newsletter purposely. That said, we do not collect any data without your consent. We assure you that you would never encounter any data breaching under our website.

2. Other Information

With personal information, some other details are also gathered to ensure a smoother flow of communication and delivery of your order(s). Such information includes:

  • What you share
    It can be through a form or simple dialog box where you enter your descriptions voluntarily. For instance, gender, job preferences, interests, and other relevant specifics that don’t explicitly tell about your personality.
  • What we collect
    As you surf through our website, we collect information based on the activities you perform online. This can be your IP address, device, browser details, GA client ID, your time zone, requested URL, login time, duration of visit, MAC address, pages visited, website sections visited, language preference, network type, and hardware and processor information.
  • Collection Through Cookies
    Cookies are small packets storing details for later use. Our website uses cookie technology to capture your credentials and additional information only to enhance user experience. You do not have to remember your ID and password each time you log in. Turn off the cookie settings in your browser, if you don’t want us to track your activities.
  • Third-Party Data Collection
    Our website uses third-party services to analyze user browsing experience, generate reports on activities, catch demographic information, and review performance metrics. These analyses help us improve the usability and accessibility of the web browser, mobile browser depending on the internet connection. By agreeing to the confidentiality clause, you allow us to collect details through external sites.

How Do We Use Your Details?

The primary purpose of data collection is to boost your user experience and upgrade our website’s performance. This statement is justified by a synopsis of how we use the information.

  • Through the collected data, we develop patterns of your activities and identify your interest to provide you with a better user experience.
  • The information you have provided is used to draft, create, revise and deliver your order to the billed address.
  • We may send exciting offers and discount coupons about our services.
  • Each of the transaction is secured, keeping your details safe with us.

The policy is effective as of the date stated above. Premium Resume Writing reserves the rights to make amendments in the privacy policy without prior notice. Please note that, by accepting the privacy statements, you are deemed to provide us with relevant details to receive premium quality content.

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